Year 2020 / Disciplines: Product Design, Product rendering, Secondary research

Team: Denise Wang , Tan Hui Ting


To transform and innovate one electrical product of choice into a brand new product using its mechanisms.

Chosen Product

The common vacuum cleaner.

Many children have Zuigerphobia, a fear of the household vacuum cleaner. Often triggered by its inescapable loud noise.

One of the most successful treatments for children with Zuigerphobia is desensitisation. During the desensitisation process, the parent should incremental expose their child to the vacuum.


VrÜm is a manual childrens' automobile that aims to help desensitize children who are afraid of loud sounds, specifically that of a household vacuum.

By disguising the noise in the form of a revving engine, kids will associate the sound with fun and become accustomed to it after operating the toy for some time.

Product Renderings

Modelled in Rhino 3D, Rendered in Keyshot 9.