Year 2021 / Disciplines: Product Design, Product rendering, Secondary & primary research


To design & speculate/propose a medical device for any medical issue of choice.

Chosen Medical Issue

I chose to design for Anaemia as I suffer from a condition called 'Thalassaemia Minor', an inherited blood disorder that causes your body to have less hemoglobin than normal. Having less oxygen in your blood may cause you to feel more fatigued than normal.

Pregnant women & Anaemia

Pregnancy increases your body’s demand for iron, which can sometimes lead to iron-deficiency anaemia. This can extend after giving birth into Postpartum anaemia, which is another concern for mothers.

  1. Low material Hemoglobin can result in fatal problems such as premature birth, having a low birth weight baby an increased risk of infant mortality.

  2. Postpartum anaemia can also affect quality and duration of breast feeding Period.

  3. Severe anaemia can cause symptoms like fatigue, physical disability, cognitive problems and psychiatric disorders like depression.

According to Data world bank, 40.1% of women experience Anaemia during pregnancy. It is so common during pregnancy that it is reported that 32% of mothers in Singapore experience anaemia as of 2016.


Nancy+ is designed for pregnant women and new mothers suffering from anaemia. It allows women to be able to monitor their anaemic status in-between their doctor visits to catch negative symptoms before they develop even further.

Nancy+ has 4 functions.

  1. It visually and quietly reminds you to take your medication everyday using a soft glowing light.

  2. It holds and dispenses your pills.

  3. It measures your anaemic status using Hemoglobin detecting Infrared LED technology.

  4. Keeps track of your condition and updates your doctor incase of an emergency.

Product Renderings

Modelled in Rhino 3D, Rendered in Keyshot 9.

Physical Prototype

3D printed ABS plastic, Food grade translucent silicone, Aerosol Spray paint.

Proof of concept

User scenario


Click this link for my research process > RESEARCH PROCESS