Cambodia Sticker series

Disciplines: Fine Arts, Stickers


Sticker Series: Cambodia, consists of two works: 'The golden girls' and 'Along the outskirts of Cambodia'. Inspired by the colours of the Cambodian artworks Ive seen on my annual trip there, both works are made up of over ten thousand 1cm marking dot stickers, each placed individually.

Work Images

Golden Girls

The Golden Girls is a simplified painting depicting two Cambodian girls against a barren landscape of flat blues, pinks, and greens. Constructed entirely out of marking dots, both figures appears pixelated and stands out prominently. Subjects outlined, decontextualised from a Cambodian landscape and placed onto a bright and clean background, the painting aims to raise pointed questions regarding the purpose and sustainability of voluntourism.

Along The Outskirts of Cambodia

Standing at 2.4 meters long and 1 meter high, Along The Outskirts of Cambodia is an extensive landscape depiction of a traditional Cambodian house constructed out of marking dot stickers. 

Referencing the vibrant colours from the local art sold in the markets, the house and shrine which are prominent aspects of Cambodia's culture have been highlighted in Silver as they can be seen everywhere across the country. This work reflects my interest in the beauty of the daily Cambodian lifestyle. 

Scale & Set-up

Process Images

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